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Color Aluminum Veneer To Create A Stylish Office Building Exterior

Brazil’s Modulo Rebou?as office building and theater with glass modules and colored aluminum veneers to create a stylish architectural look

巴西 Modulo Rebou?as 办公楼及剧场05.jpg

巴西 Modulo Rebou?as 办公楼及剧场01.jpg

The Brazilian Modulo Rebou?as office building and theatre project stands on the corner of Rebou?as Avenue and Capote Valente Street in the Pinheiros neighbourhood, which consists of 46 units and a theater.

巴西 Modulo Rebou?as 办公楼及剧场03.jpg

The design hopes to create a square body with continuous perforated hollowing to create indoor lighting and ventilation.

Outdoor, the building is covered with a series of alternating frame glass modules and colored aluminum veneer modules. The glass module is matched with a yellow, gray aluminum veneer structure to create a bright and stylish architectural look.

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