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Aluminum Veneer Fluorocarbon Coating and Polyester Coating

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and Polyester coating aluminum veneer is two different surface treatment. In general, fluorocarbon coating aluminum application in exterior wall, and polyester coating aluminum veneer used in interior decoration.



The characteristics of fluorocarbon coating aluminum sheet:

  1. Excellent weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance, color is very persistent, can keep at least ten years or even 30 years does not fade;
  2. Good ACID and ALKALI can be high, can withstand harsh environment of weathering;
  3. Good adhesion, high toughness, impact resistance is strong, smooth coating, strong resistance to dirty, easy clean;
  4. The color of fluorocarbon aluminum sheet is wide, bright beautiful, simple sense is good, Have monochrome paint, metallic paint, can satisfy customer’s requirements.



The characteristics of polyester coating aluminum veneer:

Polyester painting is suitable for furniture finishing coating wood coatings products, also called unsaturated polyester paint, it is a kind of multi-component paint, is made of polyester resin as main film former a thick paint. Polyester paint of paint film, surface with a thick layer of hard, wear resistance, impact resistance, resistance to lampblack, environmental protection, waterproof, and easy to clean, soft feel and a variety of colors.

Aluminum veneer in addition to choose different surface treatment, the most important still is to choose the high quality aluminum veneer manufacturer, eight and building materials, introduction of the sixth generation of change spraying system, make the best of fluorine-carbon aluminum single veneer and polyester aluminum products.



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