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Aluminum Veneer Decoration Inner Mongolia Erdos Museum Wall


The Ordos Museum in Inner Mongolia is like a huge time cave on the sand dunes. The interior is filled with natural light and transforms the city ruins into a poetic public cultural space. The internal streamline is a continuous line of light and shadow in the light and shadow, sometimes dark and private, sometimes bright and spectacular, the bridge in the canyon is connected to the exhibition halls on both sides, people will repeatedly meet on the bridge through the air on the way. The exterior of the museum uses large solid walls and aluminum veneer curtain walls to withstand the harsh and harsh weather of Ordos.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall has advantages in the use of high-rise building curtain wall because of its light weight and strength. Because the high-rise building is affected by various loads at all times, especially the wind pressure is large, the mosaic material is easy to fall off, and the hardness is not strong. The material will be deformed due to the large wind pressure, and the aluminum and single-panel curtain wall of Guangdong Bahe Building Material Co., Ltd. is very good to avoid this.

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