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Aluminum Profile Baffle Ceiling Tiles And Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Decoration Taiwan Tucheng National Sports Center

台湾土城国民运动中心 铝单板幕墙 (6).jpg

Taiwan’s Tucheng National Sports Center is made up of three body blocks. The red body (basketball hall) and the gray body block (ice hockey arena) are 9 meters out of the blue body (the swimming pool). This creates a continuous semi-outdoor space that can be used for recreational walks, outdoor rock climbing and street dancing. The façade of the building consists of a composite window/wall system with an aluminum veneer curtain wall on the front and glass on the back. The interior has an aluminum profile baffle ceiling tiles, which allows the sun to enter gently. Indoors, on the other hand, allows users to see the outdoors better through the glass, while people outside are difficult to see indoors, thus providing better privacy. In addition, the façade is composed of a series of gradient colors, and the aluminum veneer curtain walls of different colors are put together to make a good decorative effect. The interior of the eight and building materials aluminum square ceiling ceiling, effectively shield the above facilities, the lines are elegant, transparent, elegant, noble, functional superposition, with ventilation, heat dissipation and other functions, the shape has an artistic temperament.

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